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The Instrumental Music Project

Online music education for students and families

What is The Instrumental Music Project?

Created during the first summer of the COVID-19 pandemic, this website was designed to give upper-elementary school students an experience with instrumental music education while they are at home. Today, The Instrumental Music Project is a year-round educational resource for students and their families- and a teaching & recruitment tool for music teachers- that encourages students to pick out an instrument and join their school band or orchestra.  The Instrumental Music Project is the result of collaboration between music teachers, professional musicians, and college music majors from all across the United States.


How should I use this website?

Explore this website for original videos and educational content on musical instruments, musical ensembles, and other music education resources. On this website, you will find information on every instrument of the concert band and string orchestra, descriptions of all the major school musical ensembles, and a wealth of resources that advocate for music education in the public school setting. Use the information you find here to think about why music is important, and to help you decide what musical instrument you would like to play at your school.

What else should I know?

The Instrumental Music Project values diversity and encourages students of all backgrounds to take part in their school music program. Our hope is that this website can help every child become interested in playing any instrument of the band or orchestra.

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Students, Teachers, and Parents/Guardians: We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments you may have, or share with us how you have been using this website. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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